100% Natural Honey and Beeswax products100% Natural Honey and Beeswax products
Paradise Hill Honey

100% Natural Honey and Beeswax products

This is why we do what we do

Wood Polish - Like it. Works well on all surface finishes at far, and even timber that's a natural finish comes up great
This is why we do what we do - #1
Adrian Roach
Pink salted Creamed Honey -Very good I love this honey so much
Helen Miller
Beard Balm Received promptly love the products. Found out about at Monarto Safari Park
Gavin Tully
Cinnamon Honey - Quick delivery Love the cinnamon honey and on toast it taste like hot cross buns, which I can now have all year round. I got your smaller jars from Monarto Zoo and after finishing it jumped online to order more.
Tamara Taylor
Cinnamon Honey - Just the right amount of cinnamon, doesn't overpower the delicious creamed honey taste.
Jackie Hannan
Beeswax Pellets - It's conveniently packaged in pellet form which saves time and will make it easier to melt for my project. Price point is excellent. Customer service was excellent with plenty of other products to purchase. Many thanks for your time and help.
Steven Laming
Raw Honey

Raw Honey

Our honey is produced in permanent apiaries and is packed full of natural goodness with a rich honey flavour. It comes straight from our hives to you ensuring high quality produce with natural flavour every time. “Raw Honey” is honey that is not heated, filtered, pasteurized, or processed in any way. It is one of nature’s incredible gifts, full of nutrients, pairs well with so many foods and tastes amazing!
Chilli Honey

Chilli Honey

A perfectly balanced combo of spicy & sweet. The condiment you’ll reach for everyday to add a special zing to any dish
• Pair with chicken dishes • Drizzle over cheese or add to dips • Layer over pizza, fresh from the oven • Beautiful with any grilled or roasted veggies • Adds some sizzle to your stir fries • Marinate your barbecued meats, especially ribs • Over vanilla ice cream, brownies or pancakes • Add it to your sandwiches, rolls and wraps • Eat it straight from the jar! Barbeque Marinades Combine Soy sauce Ginger, fresh Garlic, sesame oil and chilli honey. Marinate your Ribs, Chicken, Pork or Lamb. Great for any meat dish, either smoked, baked, or barbequed. Desserts Drizzle Chilli Honey over any of your favourite desserts. Try it on Hot Brownies, Waffles, Pancakes or Ice Cream. Great for your next Affogato or create a Sweet Heat Margarita!
Creamed Honey

Creamed Honey

Our creamed honey has been handcrafted into a smooth, spreadable consistency without additives. Its 100% pure Australian bush honey. Creaming honey is a dying art but we are bringing it back! Despite its name creamed honey contains no cream (or any dairy products). We use a process to control the rate of crystallization resulting in a smooth creamy spread that will not revert to liquid form when stored at room temperature. The texture is beautifully silky, smooth, airy and perfectly spreadable. Use it in exactly the same way as you would any other honey. Add a little creamed honey to buttered crumpets for a yummy breakfast dish that’s hard to beat!
Bees Wax

Bees Wax

One of the benefits of producing honey is that it comes right along with Beeswax, which has been used in countless applications by humans throughout history. As a wood polish and preserver, beeswax simply works - minus the toxins. Beeswax is also an ideal ingredient in balms and body butters as it not only helps to keep unwanted water out, but it also helps keep moisture in to protect your skin and hair. Beeswax is a rich source of Vitamin A and antioxidants to help protect cells and promote skin regeneration, and its all natural!
The Paradise Hill Honey Story

The Paradise Hill Honey Story

We are a family business producing pure top-grade RAW honey and Beeswax products from untouched natural bushland in South Australia.
Our home base is located in an area called Northern Heights near Murray Bridge. Many years ago it was popular with young lovers as a spot to get away for an evening, and was nicknamed Paradise Hill. ‘The place where you took your honey’

Where are our products

Monarto Safari Park Nourish Home Pantry - Mannum Murray Bridge Farm Fresh Murray Bridge Health Foods Murray Bridge Trophies and Grazing for days Rusticana Winery Willow Point Wines Follow our facebook page to find our Market locations each month.